Pelamin and baju pengantin ideas

I’ve stumbled onto a few pelamin that i love and just nice for our wedding. Hopefully these will give me more ideas on the design of the pelamin and colour theme. But what’s important is that we can get it done by one of the boutiques here in Brunei.

I absolutely love the colour theme

This also looks beautiful with its soft colour combination

Another Roman theme Pelamin with nice colour combination

Finally, a simple white Pelamin

I guess the pelamin colour theme depends on the baju pengantin colour, which we still have not decided. But as you can see, it seems like i’m more into the Roman style pelamin with the white pillars and the drapes’ colour would follow our baju. Again, decisions….decisions…

As for my wedding dress, i’m leaning into getting a long flowing dress as worn by Irma Hasmie on her nikah. Just beautiful, not fitted but labuh. But i’ve also stumbled yet again into other designs which looks just as lovely but most of them are white dresses.

Beautiful long flowing dress but i prefer without the train

Farah’s wedding dress also very beautiful with lots of beadings and soft colour combination (Photos courtesy of G.I Wedding Photoshoot, The Kliker and Ari Wedding Couture)

Those are just a few that i’ve fallen in love with. Still plenty of time to choose and design. Hopefully someone can create one just perfect for me :)

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